Leader in the Outdoor Commercial Furniture Market since 1975.

Texacraft has been an established leader in the outdoor commercial furniture market since 1975 and a trusted and reliable source for thousands of customers ranging from casinos and country clubs to multi-family housing, hotels and REITs. When you choose Texacraft, you’re not just getting a quality product. You’re getting a quality experience and complete peace of mind. From our prolific product line – designed by some of the industry’s most passionate and talented designers—to our commitment to on-time shipping and competitive pricing, you can count on us. Rest assured.


We don’t just design furniture, we design an entire customer experience. We seek a seamless, frictionless, flawless design on both our products and our process. We design our furniture to inspire. We design our process to delight. Together they create an experience unlike any other in the industry. Beauty meets strength meets service meets dedication in a way that creates not only a beautiful space but also a beautiful path to achieve that space.